Get the Upper Hand by Buying Used from Momentum BMW

Getting one step ahead in life is always a good thing, and we're here to help you do so. At Momentum BMW, just minutes from Houston Baptist University, we provide those on the hunt for the perfect used or Certified Pre-Owned car, truck or SUV with perks that go beyond, ultimately making the journey to Highway 59 highly worthwhile.


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The 2018 BMW 3 Series: A Legend Continues

Being an icon doesn't mean that all your achievement has to live in the past; the 2018 BMW 3 Series, a car that's found its way into driveways across the world for the past 43 years, is evidence. This quintessential luxury four-door brings innovation along for the 2018 model year, making it a legend that truly lives on.


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Experience the 2018 BMW 5 Series in Houston

Experience the joys of the BMW 5 Series right here at Momentum BMW. This lineup of luxurious sedans offers owners tons of innovative functionality, amazing driving dynamics, and interior comfort like no other. But the 5 Series is more than a statement piece – it’s truly a work of art.

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Five Favorite Features in the 2018 BMW X1 SUV

We admit that the 2018 BMW X1 has a lot of things to love. However, we have tackled the task of narrowing down our favorite features to a concise list of five, all so that you can have access to a handful of reasons why this compact crossover is worth the investment.


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Is Your Transmission in Need of Service?

The transmission in your car is responsible for shifting gears and making sure the right amount of power goes to each wheel. You will notice signs of transmission trouble if you find a transmission fluid leak or if your car falls out of gear while driving. Transmission problems when your car is new are not common, and it's important to investigate further.

Transmission fluid is a reddish color. If you can smell burnt fluid when you get out of your car or the fluid is dark, your transmission is having problems. 

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Get Acquainted With the Limitations of Spare Tires

One important part of routine maintenance on your vehicle should include inspection of the spare tire. The only thing worse than being stranded on the road with a flat is not having a spare ready to replace it. A full-size spare is just like your regular tires. It’s what you need for an SUV or pickup truck. If you’re in a passenger car, however, you may opt for a full-size or a compact temporary spare.

The compact spare is designed as a smaller version of a regular tire. When you put it on your car in an emergency…

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Why Your BMW Vehicle’s Alignment Is Important

A car's steering components are the primary element of its safety. Without the ability to safely steer and to keep the car on the road in all conditions, a vehicle quickly becomes a serious safety risk.

If your car has been experiencing alignment issues, visit us at Momentum BMW in Houston, TX. Our service team will help you get back on the road!

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