Our BMW 328i review

This is the BMW 328i, a 3-Series. A car that has been a luxury sport-sedan benchmark for decades. The inline four in this model is not just a four, but a two-liter gen that also gets twin turbocharging, and delivers 240 horsepower and 255 pound-feet of torque. That may not sound like much, but it's plenty, especially a lean and agile sedan, where the torque reaches its peak at a mere 1,250 rpms.

When full torque comes on that early and stays there as if on plateau, the feeling is more like having a much larger engine at work. And when power was required, the twin-scroll turbo delivers, helping via a direct injection and the sport suspension settings. The 328i will go 0 to 60, at a reported 5.7 seconds, approaching the 5.4 seconds burst by the larger twin turbo six.

Once underway, all is well. In fact, it is more than well, because you have some other buttons that you command. There's a nifty little switch on the left edge of the console that identifies "Sport," "Comfort," or "Eco." Click "Eco," and the car shift points or slowed down, almost docile, for optimum fuel mileage. "Comfort" is pretty much normal. Click "Sport," and you get a distinct change in shifting algorithm, suspension, and steering. Click the "Sport" button a second time, and you'll get a "Sport Plus," which puts you into what I’d call "race track mode."

I'd say, overall, the 328i is a car that's more fun to drive, for less. And in the end, it's definitely a positive to save money on gas, without compromising outright luxury, or performance.
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