Luxury SUVs are some of the most impressive models on the market because they give buyers with a family the chance to enjoy some incredible features and space.  BMW has never had a three-row, seven-passenger SUV until now where the 2018 BMW X7 is sure to impress everyone!

The 2018 BMW X7 is going to be one of the most exciting full-size luxury SUVs on the market when it does finally hit dealership lots.  We do not know when this will be, but we are excited to see the day it rolls onto our lot here at Momentum BMW in Houston, TX.


One of the great aspects that we can expect from this model is that inside the cabin you will find a level of luxury that is unlike anything you have ever seen.  You will find yourself surrounded in a soft leathers, a selection of real wood, and an interior that is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.  This, combined with a bevy of technology that is found throughout the BMW line-up, will make this SUV special in all new ways.


BMW is known for one other thing incredibly well outside of luxury and that would be the driving dynamics.  All of the models in the BMW line-up gives drivers an exciting driving experience and the 2018 BMW X7 is expected to be the same.  Customers should find a choice of a gasoline powered engine and a diesel powered engine and quite possibly even a hybrid option that would give customers a great blend of power and efficiency.  While we do not for sure if there will be a hybrid powertrain option, we would sure be excited if there was one!


The 2018 BMW X7 is sure to be one of the most impressive models when it hits dealership lots and is sure to cause plenty of excitement.  Stay tuned here for more information as it becomes available.

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