Does Your Car's Belts and Hoses Need Inspection?

The battery may be the main power source a vehicle uses to help get started, and the alternator is the part that helps recharge the battery as the vehicle is driven. However, there is a part just as important in the process that many never consider when something is going wrong with their car's starting system. That would be a part called the accessory drive belt.

Accessory drive belts help deliver power between different parts of the engine. In the case mentioned above, that would be between the alternator and battery itself. If this belt fails or becomes worn down, it can cause the battery to not be properly charged between uses or put extra strain on the alternator. At Momentum BMW in Houston, we can make these important repairs.

Do not get caught stranded in an empty parking lot or cold weather because of a dead battery. Remembering to check and replace the appropriate belt is just as important as the battery itself. Schedule BMW service with our team today!

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