Get Acquainted With the Limitations of Spare Tires

One important part of routine maintenance on your vehicle should include inspection of the spare tire. The only thing worse than being stranded on the road with a flat is not having a spare ready to replace it. A full-size spare is just like your regular tires. It’s what you need for an SUV or pickup truck. If you’re in a passenger car, however, you may opt for a full-size or a compact temporary spare.

The compact spare is designed as a smaller version of a regular tire. When you put it on your car in an emergency, remember that with its limited tread and size, you should reduce speed. It’s also not durable enough to be driven on a regular basis, so it’s recommended to get the flat fixed as soon as you can. Although the full-size spare is a regular tire, the same tire repair recommendation applies. You don’t want to be stuck.

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