Get the Most Out of Your Tires

Let’s talk about tire rotation. Tire rotation is necessary work that your car needs to keep you and your passengers safe and it helps your tires last longer. Rotating your tires helps to ensure they wear evenly and in return you get the most use out of your tires. Rotating your tires every 3,000 - 7,000 miles will help keep your car safe for you and your passengers. Furthermore your car will handle better on the road with better traction the tires will have from even wear. Uneven wear on your tires may cause you to lose traction.

Do you want more information on tire rotation Houston? The knowledgeable service team at Momentum BMW would be happy to help you decide if your tires need to be rotated. Drive with peace of mind knowing you and your passengers are safe and that you're getting the most use of your tires, call today for an appointment.

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