Keep Your Gas Topped Off This Winter

Here at Momentum BMW, we have been getting more and more calls regarding what drivers can do to keep safe during the winter months in Houston, TX and when traveling beyond our relatively mild and comfortable borders. Our service technicians have told us that one of the easiest things drivers can do in the winter to keep their cars running properly is to keep their gas tanks full.

While it’s understandable to want to let your tank run low because of increased fuel costs in the winter, leaving your gas tank empty can increase the risk of condensation in your fuel system. The more air left in your gas tank, the higher the probability of condensation building and freezing inside your fuel lines!

Understanding how condensation buildup works can save you hundreds of dollars this winter. Don't let your fuel lines freeze when you travel to visit with family or friends! Stop on down at Momentum BMW in Houston, TX for some professional advice on how you can keep your vehicles running smoothly this winter.

Categories: Service
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